Advancing Construction Innovation™ is what JetBoard is all about. Our lines of exterior and interior building products are part of a growing new class of environmental and people friendly products called Magnesium Oxide Board(MgO). Our unique manufacturing process utilizes patented technology to create a MgO board that is quickly defining the future of green building.

JetBoard MgO boards have superior Fire protection in addition to Mold/Mildew, Termite, and water resistance features. This makes our product the most versatile board available in today's market.

JetBoard offers the first MgO boards in the United States to be certified through an NTA approved lab. This allows us to provide a Certificate of Analysis with every order delivered.

JetBoard MgO board is used in everything frombacker boards for showers and kitchens,SIPS walls for basements and interior/exterior sheathing, andTriton Board integrated waterproofing systems.