Triton CI Mat

Triton Underlayment

Guaranteed Protection Against Decoupling and Mold

The Triton CI Mat is a double duty membrane that provides waterproofing and cushioning under tiled floors. It can be installed over any substrate: OSB, plywood, concrete, and more. Triton CI forms an impenetrable vapor barrier which prevents mold growth and grout discoloration.

CI Technology for Stable, Long-lasting Flooring

Featuring a patented uncoupling design, Triton CI stops uneven or unstable substrates from cracking or dislodging tiles. Triton CI absorbs compression from everyday foot traffic and foundation settling, while keeping tiled surfaces intact, impeccable, and beautiful.

Triton CI Includes a 10 Year Guarantee Against Cracked Tiles

The Triton CI Mat features an exclusive, innovative 3-layer structure that prevents cracks and keeps moisture away from the substrate for 10 years – guaranteed.

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